Thursday 2 January 2014

Man murdered at 00:00 on 1 January 2014

Rob Meek deceased of subsequently fatal gunfire... to his reproductive area, seconds after the clock struck 12, and 2014 commenced.

There are many ways to celebrate the passing of a new year... causing another person to pass away is one of the more unusual methodologies.

A man by the name of Rob Meek, was photographed celebrating the end of 2013, at 00:00 at 1 January 2014. Little did he know the end of 2013 would warrant his end.

Three men with faces obscured by balaclavas approached the Wild Coast Beach House Rob Meek was celebrating in. One shot him, all three disappeared, according to the Cape Times. The newspaper puts it down to a robbery gone wrong... but the version of events presented is suspicious, so far as the events did not fit an ordinary robbery. Were there really three armed men? This seems likely, from the witness' accounting of the terrible event she and the others encountered. Did he die in another manner? Was it a robbery or was it a hit? Rob Meek apparently eeked out his existence as an urban designer, and was a sailor, well known we are told. Yet, the events seem more appropriate to a hit than a robbery.

His family rushed him away to get help, to no avail. The end of 2013 ushered in the end of Rob Meek, with the passing of another year, Rob Meek passed away. I had never heard of him prior his death, but he certainly died in an deeply perplexing manner. The Cape Times give an account:

'“We moved out on to the deck overlooking the sea. The flash went off. We popped some champagne. We all cheered.

'“You can see in the photo my husband had turned around. He’d already seen the three guys,” Meek said.

'She said three men wearing balaclavas approached them. She said they looked as if they were holding pieces of wood, as residents had done earlier while offering to make bonfires. “My husband said: ‘They’ve got guns,’” Meek said.

'Meek, who had seen three guns, did not recall hearing the three men ask for anything.

'She lay flat on the deck.

'“They looked nervous. I heard a shot. I just saw my husband... There was no provocation.” After the shot went off, wounding Rob in the groin area, Meek said, the gunmen ran away. They had not stolen anything.

'She, her family and friends managed to fashion a tourniquet to try to staunch the blood flowing from Rob’s wound, and they carried him up a steep hill from the house to a vehicle.

'“We got him into the back seat. My daughters sat and spoke to him. I was driving.”

'Meek said at a nearby “TB mission hospital”, two doctors tried to save Rob. Her daughters also tried to resuscitate him and “kept pumping him with oxygen”'

(Cape Times 'Fatal end to new year celebration' by Caryn Dolley at January 2 2014 at 08:09am)

Man named Rob Meek... murdered at the turn of the new year, at 00:00 on 1 January 2014, in South Africa's Wild Coast, say Cape Times.

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