Thursday 14 September 2017

How to become an advocate in the Republic of South Africa

I was asked how someone joins the sister profession of my own (I — being an attorney, not an advocate). Specifically, I was asked how a person may join the advocacy. This is my response as to the process, as I understand it to be.

To become an advocate, you need only be a citizen of good standing with an LLB equivalent degree.

Specifically, a citizen or lawfully-admitted, ordinarily-resident permanent-resident of the Republic, over the age of 21, duly qualified, such as via an accredited LLB equivalent degree, and if an attorney, your name should have been removed from the requisite roll of your own volition.

You are then admitted at court, as an Advocate of the High Court.

To become a member of the bar, is more complex.

You must apply and be accepted for Pupillage. You should be an advocate first, to do so.

You must pass your interview with the Pupillage Committee.

You then may commerce pupillage, a year of largely unpaid and monetarily unsupported work and study. In Johannesburg, lectures are provided for candidates.

After pupillage is completed, and the Bar Exam passed, an advocate then joins the local Bar, a member of the General Council of the Bar, and in Johannesburg, the Johannesburg Society of Advocates' Johannesburg Bar.

The Society the advocate joins will then attempt to place the advocate in a local group of advocates.

Et voila.

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