Sunday 10 September 2017

What sort of bodies enforce Public International law?

Question: What sort of bodies enforce Public International law?

My Answer

Public International Law is more of a soft law sort of system. Mostly, other nations, by their actions, cause countries to obey it. In the case of international criminal law, the International Criminal Court does such. Regionally, there are bodies such as the African Court of Justice and Human Rights, and the European Court of Justice. Such courts enforce treaties. Internationally, there is the International Court of Justice. Nations tend to obey the legal opinions of international tribunals, which tend not to create precedents in the traditional sense, with their decisions. Countries might use sanctions, or the like, to enforce laws. One body of international law enforcement, is found in the Security Council of the United Nations. Their diktats even affect South African lawyers, bound to enforce international law against individuals via FICA. Most of the time, compliance to Public International Law is enforced by other nations, and via nation-peer pressure. Bodies such as the Council of Europe, and the African Union can exert significant pressure from one nation to another.

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